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2018-08-08Misc fixesNiall Sheridan
2018-08-07Manage db schema with rubenv/sql-migrateNiall Sheridan
2018-08-05Test against 1.11 beta3Niall Sheridan
2018-08-01Switch to a MakefileNiall Sheridan
2018-06-20Update versionsv1.0.0Niall Sheridan
2017-10-18Update Go versionNiall Sheridan
2017-02-16Test against 1.8 and tipNiall Sheridan
2017-01-27Remove mongo supportKevin Lyda
2017-01-27Move tests out of travis config to a standalone scriptKevin Lyda
2017-01-27Use latest releasesNiall Sheridan
2017-01-25Building against tip is slow. Don't count rc as failures.Niall Sheridan
2017-01-20Test with go1.8 rc2Niall Sheridan
2017-01-10Use latest versionsNiall Sheridan
2017-01-08Remove dbinit and use sql/js seed filesNiall Sheridan
2016-10-31Update dependenciesNiall Sheridan
2016-10-11Replace the 'datastore' option with a 'database' optionNiall Sheridan
2016-10-06Add support for Hashicorp VaultNiall Sheridan
2016-10-06Drop support for go 1.5Niall Sheridan
2016-09-03Update dependenciesNiall Sheridan
2016-09-03drop coverage checksNiall Sheridan
2016-09-03Run coverage on all packagesNiall Sheridan
2016-09-03Add codecovNiall Sheridan
2016-08-16Test against 1.7Niall Sheridan
2016-08-01go 1.6.3Niall Sheridan
2016-07-31Support mongo datastoresNiall Sheridan
2016-07-31Use a KRL for revoked certsNiall Sheridan
2016-07-03first pass at a certificate storeNiall Sheridan
2016-06-28run tests using tipNiall Sheridan
2016-06-13Don't test against tipNiall Sheridan
2016-06-13Run the linter as part of tests.Niall Sheridan
2016-05-29Filter vendor packages from testsNiall Sheridan
2016-05-29Run more CI checksNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Drop go 1.5Niall Sheridan
2016-04-22More go versionsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-21specify go versionNiall Sheridan
2016-04-21Add .travis.ymlNiall Sheridan