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+# DOM language
+This is a little experiment around using the DOM to represent an [AST](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_syntax_tree) that can be evaluated in the browser with JavaScript. One neat side effect of this is the ability to use CSS to render a meaningful visual representation of the program being executed.
+Clearly, this is not a performant way to do things, but it is fun :)
+After cloning the repository, open up any of the `.doml` files found in the `prog` directory in your browser -- you should see it represented visually, and you'll see any output logged to the console.
+## About the language
+At this point, it is extremely simple and undocumented. All statements are executed in a global context, and are implemented in `./lib/statements.js`. Binary operators are implemented in `./lib/binops.js`. A rudimentary type system currently consisting of `string`, `number`, and `boolean` are mapped to native JavaScript types for evaluation.