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committerNiall Sheridan <nsheridan@gmail.com>2017-01-27 08:48:29 +0000
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Move tests out of travis config to a standalone script
Can also be used as a pre-commit hook.
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+#! /bin/sh
+# This can be used as a pre-commit script. Just run
+# cp run_tests.sh .git/hooks/pre-commit
+# and it will run before each commit.
+set -xue
+go install -v ./cmd/cashier ./cmd/cashierd
+go list ./... |grep -v vendor/ |xargs go test
+gofmt -d $(find * -type f -name '*.go' -not -path 'vendor/*')
+go list ./... |grep -v vendor/ |xargs go vet
+if ! type -f golint > /dev/null; then
+ go get -u github.com/golang/lint/golint
+go list ./... |grep -v vendor/ |xargs -L1 golint -set_exit_status