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2018-10-21Gitlab auth issue (#79)Kevin Lyda
2018-08-25Add codecov.ioNiall Sheridan
2017-04-15Revoke multiple certs in a single callNiall Sheridan
2017-02-19Ignore generated .idea directoryNiall Sheridan
2017-02-12Initial pass at prometheus support. (#56)Kevin Lyda
2017-01-27Add a public_file_prefix option to cashier.confKevin Lyda
2017-01-22Ignore common files. (#45)Kevin Lyda
2016-05-29Add tmp to .gitignorePatrick O'Doherty
2016-05-29Ignore new default config file.Niall Sheridan
2016-05-25Fix key name in example config.Patrick O'Doherty