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2018-08-08Correct client behaviours for option handlingNiall Sheridan
A config file is not required - don't error if one doesn't exist. Don't overwrite default options with an empty string.
2017-06-05Saving private keys (#61)fuero
* enables saving private keys * renames public_file_prefix to key_file_prefix and updates its docs to better reflect the changes
2017-01-27Add a public_file_prefix option to cashier.confKevin Lyda
Allow the client to save the public key and public cert to files that start with public_file_prefix and end with .pub and -cert.pub respectively. This is the naming scheme the ssh IdentityFile config option supported for certs starting in version 5.4p1. Starting in version 7.2p1, an additional option, CertificateFile, was added, but the IdentityFile-only method with those names still works. Used in conjunction with a user's ~/.ssh/config file setting IdentitiesOnly and IdentityFile, this change will allow for multiple ssh CAs for different services. Note that this will resolve #49 .
2016-09-10Make client a top-level package for consistencyNiall Sheridan