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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-15Add more context to errorsNiall Sheridan
2017-01-09Merge branch 'master' into opts2Niall Sheridan
2017-01-05Move GetPublicKey to the shared `lib` packageNiall Sheridan
2017-01-04Simplify key generationNiall Sheridan
2016-09-30Use json.NewDecoder to decode json from httpNiall Sheridan
2016-09-11Allow filtering resultsNiall Sheridan
2016-09-11Use %T instead of reflect.Niall Sheridan
2016-09-10Make client a top-level package for consistencyNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Move binaries into cmd/ directoryNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Make 2048 the default key size.Niall Sheridan
2016-05-22fix testNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Open the browser automaticallyNiall Sheridan
2016-05-18Support ed25519 ssh keysNiall Sheridan
2016-04-22Check the error before trying to read the response.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-20Add comments.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-20Simplify this a bitNiall Sheridan
2016-04-19Client testsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-18Initial commitNiall Sheridan