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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-16Allow selecting which ip to listen onNiall Sheridan
2016-08-09SQLite DB supportNiall Sheridan
2016-08-07Use bootstrapNiall Sheridan
2016-08-07Ping the db before attempting to query itNiall Sheridan
2016-08-01fix buildNiall Sheridan
2016-07-31Support mongo datastoresNiall Sheridan
2016-07-31Use a KRL for revoked certsNiall Sheridan
2016-07-24Add a page for revoking certsNiall Sheridan
2016-07-17Add some handlers testsNiall Sheridan
2016-07-03first pass at a certificate storeNiall Sheridan
2016-06-30Configurable logfile locationNiall Sheridan
2016-06-14Update whitelistingNiall Sheridan
2016-06-14Merge pull request #21 from nsheridan/whitelist_supportMarco Bonetti
2016-06-14Add support for a users whitelistMarco Bonetti
2016-06-13Run the linter as part of tests.Niall Sheridan
2016-06-06Merge pull request #16 from nsheridan/s3Niall Sheridan
2016-06-06Save oauth 'state' identifier in the clientNiall Sheridan
2016-06-05Add AWS S3 and Google GCS virtual filesystems.Niall Sheridan
2016-06-02Validate tokens correctlyNiall Sheridan
2016-05-29Switch from json to hcl configsNiall Sheridan
2016-05-29Remove unneeded template_dirNiall Sheridan
2016-05-28Set expiry time in the github auth packageNiall Sheridan
2016-05-24Don't allow wide-open Google or Github configsPatrick O'Doherty
2016-05-22Make template directory configurableNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Move server/main.go to top-level server.goNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Open the browser automaticallyNiall Sheridan
2016-05-21Log the issuing of new certsNiall Sheridan
2016-05-21Remove database config. Not needed.Niall Sheridan
2016-05-18miscNiall Sheridan
2016-05-18Don't use jwt, it doesn't buy a whole lot for this applicationNiall Sheridan
2016-05-18Do login if the provided token is invalidNiall Sheridan
2016-05-09Placeholder for database config.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-23Add config file testsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-23Refactor to use an io.Reader for easier testingNiall Sheridan
2016-04-23Fix commentsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-22Add github oauth provider.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-22Fix typo in comment.Olivier Tharan
2016-04-21Fix testNiall Sheridan
2016-04-21Just make ProviderOpts a map[string]string.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-21Some small fixes.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-21use correct config parameterNiall Sheridan
2016-04-21Missed some bitsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-20add commentsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-20Add comments.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-20Be explicit that this is for signing user keysNiall Sheridan
2016-04-20dumb tests for the google auth providerNiall Sheridan
2016-04-20use a better function nameNiall Sheridan
2016-04-20dumb tests for the google auth providerNiall Sheridan
2016-04-19this serves no purposeNiall Sheridan
2016-04-19SSH signer testsNiall Sheridan