path: root/testdata
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-10Populate all fields during testNiall Sheridan
2016-10-17Unmarshal the config using mapstructure directly.Niall Sheridan
2016-08-16Allow selecting which ip to listen onNiall Sheridan
2016-05-29Switch from json to hcl configsNiall Sheridan
2016-05-29Remove unneeded template_dirNiall Sheridan
2016-05-22Make template directory configurableNiall Sheridan
2016-05-21Remove database config. Not needed.Niall Sheridan
2016-05-18Don't use jwt, it doesn't buy a whole lot for this applicationNiall Sheridan
2016-05-09Placeholder for database config.Niall Sheridan
2016-04-23Add config file testsNiall Sheridan
2016-04-19Add missing testdataNiall Sheridan