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masterMerge pull request #7 from benburwell/add-server-testsBen Burwell8 years
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2015-08-02Merge pull request #7 from benburwell/add-server-testsHEADmasterBen Burwell
2015-08-02start some tests for the serverBen Burwell
2015-08-02Merge pull request #5 from benburwell/fix-pg-errorBen Burwell
2015-08-02We probably need to install pg before we try to use itBen Burwell
2015-08-02let's see if we can get Heroku to create the schema for usBen Burwell
2015-08-02Hopefully this fixes weird PG errorsBen Burwell
2015-08-02Merge pull request #4 from benburwell/fix-host-for-herokuBen Burwell
2015-08-02Change localhost to Burwell
2015-08-02Merge pull request #3 from benburwell/update-npm-start-scriptBen Burwell
2015-08-02Add npm start scriptBen Burwell