AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-21Update default display modes, show more airportsHEADmasterBen Burwell
2016-11-20Show plane history beneath current locationBen Burwell
2016-11-20Make a little more Mac friendlyBen Burwell
2016-11-20Draw runwaysBen Burwell
2016-11-20Implement flexible display modesBen Burwell
2016-11-20Show routesBen Burwell
2016-11-20File cleanupBen Burwell
2016-11-20Show track and remove planes after intervalBen Burwell
2016-11-19Only show large and medium airportsBen Burwell
2016-11-19Refactor tabbingBen Burwell
2016-11-19Use resources for data (for now)Ben Burwell
2016-11-19Add airportsBen Burwell
2016-11-19Get gradle workingBen Burwell
2016-11-19Add CSVParser to dependenciesBen Burwell
2016-11-19Use gradleBen Burwell
2016-11-19Add predictionBen Burwell
2016-11-19Make plane triangularBen Burwell
2016-11-19Fix up the rangingBen Burwell
2016-11-19Fix panning/zoomingBen Burwell
2016-11-19Use altitude to color planesBen Burwell
2016-11-19Refactor aircraft map into top-level classesBen Burwell
2016-11-19Correct degrees longitude calculationBen Burwell
2016-11-19Implement basic focusing of planesBen Burwell
2016-11-19Show range infoBen Burwell
2016-11-18Implement moving the mapBen Burwell
2016-11-18Initial map implementationBen Burwell
2016-11-17Actually prompt for TCP connection optionsBen Burwell
2016-11-17Create tabbed viewBen Burwell
2016-11-15Update build & run scriptBen Burwell
2016-11-15Implement data tableBen Burwell
2016-11-15Initial commitBen Burwell